• So Funny! See What Muslims Are Not Allowed To Do While Fasting (Do You Agree With All These?) 😂
  • So Funny! See What Muslims Are Not Allowed To Do While Fasting (Do You Agree With All These?) 😂

    This is so true, Non-Muslims always think Ramadan period is just as easy as it looks. Just not eating from 5am-7pm.

    A Muslim online user has come to defend Muslims about the fasting period that there is more to eating and drinking during the period.

    He stated that it is a test of faith as there are many things Muslims must not do while fasting. Read what he wrote below:

    The way Non-Muslims see Ramadan tho. To them is it not just fasting from 5am-7pm? 🙆🙄

    Firstly, to note it’s a punishment to eat when you’re not hungry while you’re enjoying sleeping and if you fail to wake you will suffer it till 7. How many of you are forced to eat when you’re not sick?🤔.
    Then in the morning you feel you can just wipe away time with Africa magic. Them boom, Flakky Ididowo’s movie comes up. You must change the station before you start imagining nonsense with that asset and body shape of that woman.
    You change it sharp sharp to hiptv then boom. They start showing your crush, DJ cuppy and start thinking nonsense again or Wizkid will start romancing Tiwa Savage in one nonsense video. Subhanallahi.
    You kukuma off the TV to face your whatsapp then your next female target uploads a nice photo with her killer shape. Astagfurulahi 😢.
    Open Quran to read, then your eye start doing wonders as ‘Yasin’ starts looking like ‘Na Sin’ because hunger and thirst don shook the destiny.
    Close Quran and sleep for few hrs then boom, the idiots take light in this period of heat, and the water that’s supposed to stay in your body will want to come out of your eyes. 😢
    The next is to turn the clock to your best friend. And the idiot will start working at 180secs/hr. God almighty 💔💔.
    See, this period is a test of faith for the muslims. I dare you to try it too.
    Ramadan Mubarak To All Muslims!!! ❤❤

    As a Muslim, do you agree with what he wrote or is he just being funny? Because  I didn’t know all these are to be done while fasting as they look like punishments.

    What Else Are You Not Allowed To Do While Fasting?

    Let’s Learn From You!

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