• EL Question Of The Day:- What Will You Do If This Happens To Your Sister Or Girlfriend?
  • Hello Guys,
    Reflecting to the current to the rape case trends circulating on social media for the past few days. I took to my social media page to post what I think about it all.
    I talked about how some opportunists will want to use this medium to make money and fame.
    One of my followers talked to me about his ex’s experience in university few months back.
    This surprised and also shocked me as he asked me for an advise on what i would do if it was my sister it happened to.
    His ordeal reads as follows below:-
    “My ex was sexually duped by a lecturer in school. He has been failing her in 2 subjects since 100 level and threatens to keep failing her unless she sleeps with him.
    She tried all she could to make the man pass her but everything proved abortive. She finally thought of sleeping with the man when she was in her final year and the man fell in love with her. The man had sex with her on 6 different occasions till she finally refused him sex.
    The man promised to pass her if she comes for the last and send forth sex with different promises. Since the man is one of her project supervisors, he assured her of giving her good grades and she finally agreed to get down with him for the last time.
    Getting to see her result, after the sex and the exams, she saw that the man still failed her claiming he won’t let her go unless he has had enough of her again. Now she has to carry those course over again or face graduating with those subjects spoiling her GPA.”
    The guys said his ex messaged him and he was thinking she wanted to try and get back to him at first until she told him her ordeal and asked her for an advise.
    We know the cases of lecturers wanting to get down with students have been a general and constant problem facing our schools in Nigeria. But a case like this will leave you almost speechless.
    However I felt there was no need for me to stress myself too much as I trust my amiable and capable Edoloadites to help proffer the best advises for this little but common problem.
    So Guys, I will put it directly to you in this form as the question will be šŸ‘‡šŸ‘‡šŸ‘‡

    What Will You Do If This Happens To Your Sister Or Girlfriend?

    Should We Call This Love, Lust, Or Cruelty?

    Lets us know your thoughts on this very important topic. Let us know by dropping ur comentcin the below comment box.

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